Pushpak Agro Fert Private Limited

Pushpak Agro Fert Private Limited

Pushpak Agro Fert Private Limited

Jalna Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

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Organic Fertilizer And Plant Growth Promoters

Pushpak Agro Fert Private Limited are counted amongst the dominant manufacturers, wholesalers and importers of Organic Fertilizer, Plant Growth Promoters, Sulphate Nutrients, Chelated Micronutrient, Water Soluble Fertilizer and Solvent Fertilizer.

Plant Growth Pramoters Pushpak Brand

AgroFert FuljeetGet Quotation

AgroFert Fuljeet

AgroFert AmsilGet Quotation

AgroFert Amsil

AgroFert SuccessGet Quotation

AgroFert Success

Bulk Formulations

Chelated Micronutrients

EDDHA FE 6 %Get Quotation


Micromix PowderGet Quotation

Micromix Powder

Chelated Micronutrients Pushpak Brand

MicroFert Combi G-2Get Quotation

MicroFert Combi G-2

MicroFert CalciumGet Quotation

MicroFert Calcium

MicroFert EDDHA Fe 6%Get Quotation

MicroFert EDDHA Fe 6%

MicroFert Zinc 12%Get Quotation

MicroFert Zinc 12%

Solvents & Emulsifier

NPK Fertilizer -Pushpak Brand

Water Soluble Fertilizer

00 52 34 MKP PowderGet Quotation

00 52 34 MKP Powder

NPK 13 00 45Get Quotation

NPK 13 00 45

NPK 13 40 13Get Quotation

NPK 13 40 13

Sulphate Nutrients

Humic Acid

Power Zyme GelGet Quotation

Power Zyme Gel

Humi GranulesGet Quotation

Humi Granules

Sulphated Nutrients Pushpak Brand

RootFert BoraxGet Quotation

RootFert Borax

Plant Growth Promoters

SNP Atonik PowderGet Quotation

SNP Atonik Powder

Jasmonic Acid PowderGet Quotation

Jasmonic Acid Powder

Fruit PGR DA 6 PowderGet Quotation

Fruit PGR DA 6 Powder

Super Potasium Humate

Organic Seaweed Extract

Bio Pesticide Oil Base Pushpak Brand

BioFert 300Get Quotation

BioFert 300

BioFert FrutogardGet Quotation

BioFert Frutogard

AgroFert KhatamGet Quotation

AgroFert Khatam

Kadoo -BitterentGet Quotation

Kadoo -Bitterent

Organic Fertilizer

Bone Meal ManureGet Quotation

Bone Meal Manure

Organic Neem ManureGet Quotation

Organic Neem Manure

Silicon PowderGet Quotation

Silicon Powder

Amino Acid

Granules Pushpak Brand

Potassium Fulvic Acid

Essential Oils

Organic Neem Manure

Organic Bone Meal Fertiler

Neem Oil

Neem OilGet Quotation

Neem Oil

Silica Gel For Chromatography

Potasium Silicate GelGet Quotation

Potasium Silicate Gel

Seaweed Extract Organic Fertilizer

Seaweed ExtractGet Quotation

Seaweed Extract

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

Sulphur Fertilizers

Hypophosphorous Acid

Bio Pesticide

Kitchen Garden Kit

Garden KitGet Quotation

Garden Kit

Karanja Oil

Karanja OilGet Quotation

Karanja Oil