Organic Fertilizer And Plant Growth Promoters

Pushpak Agro Fert Private Limited are counted amongst the dominant manufacturers, wholesalers and importers of Organic Fertilizer, Plant Growth Promoters, Sulphate Nutrients, Chelated Micronutrient, Water Soluble Fertilizer and Solvent Fertilizer.

Humic Acid

Amino Acid

Organic Seaweed Extract

Plant Growth Promoters

L- Cysteine PowderGet Quotation

L- Cysteine Powder

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Jasmonic Acid Powder

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Fruit PGR DA 6 Powder

Organic Fertilizer

Bulk Formulations

Sulphate Nutrients

RootFert MicroMixGet Quotation

RootFert MicroMix

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Ferrous Sulphate

Chelated Micronutrients

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MicroFert Boron

Water Soluble Fertilizer

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MKP Powder

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Calcium Nitrate

Solvent Fertilizer

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Sodium Benzoate

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Sodium Methyl Paraben

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AgroFert Khatam

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Garden Kit